Monday, June 28, 2010

Momma Sed - Puscifer

So I have recently been introduced to Puscifer, and I'm in love with it!! Maynard James Keenan is one of my favourite people in the entire world, there is nothing he has created which I haven't fallen madly in love with. I haven't yet had the chance to listen to the whole album, but this will be the month where I listen to nothing but this one album.

There is something wrong with me I think right now. I don't feel comfortable or normal or creative or anything. I spend my days planning escapes, followed through with one yesterday (I quit one of my jobs) and I hate everything again. I'm so unmotivated. I wish I was something else right now. Something better.

Monday, June 21, 2010


So I have been doing a little bit more with this stencil art and it's actually turning out ok! I'm so very proud of myself! Iv'e made up a basic stencil of an old school microphone and painted it onto some art paper. Just one layer, quite basic, but very effective. :)

And excuse the poor photo quality, but my memory card is ruined!!! which means i need a new one which also means I can't upload new pictures onto my computer (I have lost the usb cable for my camera as well so UGH.). So I have taken this photo with Photobooth and cropped it! Hahaha talk about improvisation.

But I digress. Heres the beginnings of my stencil art.

I am also going in a few minutes to get my hair cut, so I'll put up photos of my new cut later on. :D

Friday, June 18, 2010


So, I've had this intrigue with graffiti and stencil art for some time now, and today I have had a little play with a couple of stencils I've made and some spray paint which I just bought.

At the moment, it's probably not great quality (in fact, I'm sure it's not), but it's the first time I've actually used spray paint and stencils before, so I guess the only thing to do is practise and hopefully get better.

The stencil I made was of Kurt Cobain holding his arms in the air wearing a baggy black and white jumper. It looks really cool, but i have to keep practicing and hopefully I'll get it right soon.


So my dreams have been few lately, but really vivid. And really hard to remember. But I do know I dreamt about Canada this morning and there was this look out where if you stood on the top, you would see something completely different each time. And no one knew about the look out. And then the people I was with (I can't remember who was there) decided to go home, so I went with them, and Orange itself was colder than Canada in Winter. So we went back to Canada. :D

And yeah there have been a few of those recurring dreams of being in attics which are like mazes and they keep going up and up and up. I have lots of those dreams.

I can remember a really small fraction of a dream I had a couple of nights ago, the only bit I remember is seeing my friends face kinda close up, but all distorted and warped, like he was behind broken glass or something. It's really odd that that's all I can remember from that dream.

How crazy are the recurring dreams though, right? I used to have one years ago about being at Pa's house, the house was different in the dream to how it was in real life, but it was always the same in the dream. And I had a couple of dreams where at night an Aboriginal tribe would come and tell us that our property was on their land and then they would haunt/curse us until we left. They were always in traditional war paint and everything too.

And for some obscure and bizarre reason, I seem to always have dreams about MASSIVE toilets, as in like the toilets a school or something, not one massive toilet, but the rooms are MASSIVE and they keep winding through corridors and each cubicle is unique. Love those dreams. :D

But yes, usually I tell people about my dreams, but no one is here, so I thought I'd blog about them.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Day Off!!!

This is a glimpse of what I do on my days off. They mainly involve trying on clothes, listening to music, maybe writing and maybe a tiny bit of arting, photoboothing and eating. Oh, and lots of Green Tea/Black Tea. I love the time to myself.

I bought some awesome shorts today as well! They are blue with dots and are big and puffy!!! And they actually fit me! It's weird for a pair of shorts and my arse to get along.

Here's The Cover.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Time To Update?

It has been a while since I have written on this, I haven't really had the chance to get here.

And of course, now I'm here, I don't really know what to write about.
It has been a shit few weeks for me, but i won't go into any of that, I don't like talking about my "problems" on my blog. But just so we are all aware, yes... Yes it has been rather shit.

I told Greg I would put up a cover that he and I have recently recorded, I need to put it on YouTube first, which might take a while. But while I'm here, I'll put up the original version and then I'll do another post with our version. In our version, I think my voice could be a hell of a lot better! Greg, maybe we re-record it one day? Haha.

But ignore that for now, sweet ones. Just appreciate the genius of Matt and Kim's "Daylight". A truly bright and colourful trip through Grand Street in Daylight. If you're feeling as rotten as me right now, it may help you out. Get up and dance or something, and shake off the filth of winter.

we cut the legs off of our pants 
threw our shoes into the ocean
 sit back and wave through the daylight
 sit back and wave through the daylight
slip and slide on subway grates 
these shoes are poor mans ice skates 
fall through like change in the daylight
 fall through like change in the daylight
i miss yellow lines in my roads
 some color on monochrome 
maybe i’ll paint them in myself
 maybe i’ll paint them in myself
these sidewalks liquid then stone
 building walls and an old pay phone 
it rings like all through the daylight 
it rings like all through the daylight
and in the daylight we can hitchhike to maine
 i hope that someday i’ll see without these frames 
and in the daylight i don’t pick up my phone
 cause in the daylight anywhere feels like home
I have five clocks in my life
 and only one has the time right 
i’ll just unplug it for today
 i'll just unplug it for today
open hydrant rolled down windows 
this car might make a good old boat and float down grand street in daylight 
and float down grand street in daylight
and with just half of a sunburn 
new yellow lines that i earned 
step back and here comes the night time 
step back and here comes the night time

and in the daylight we can hitchhike to maine 
i hope that someday i’ll see without these frames 
and in the daylight i don’t pick up my phone
 cause in the daylight anywhere feels like home

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Oh Such Fun!

Wow. What a crazy weekend. Friday at the computer place was disgusting. You know, one of those days where the customer is really pushy or horrible or whatever, the people you work with are all in bad moods and the day passes excruciatingly slowly and you just want to throw your hands up and walk out.

Then there was the exhibition of a few local photographers, I went to that very briefly before going to work at the restaurant. The restaurant was hilarious, very bloody quiet so the chef brought in his little guitar he bought from Aldi and made me teach him - so cute!! Then Rosemary, Grace and Hanli came in for a feed and told me they would dance to the bollywood playing for free food. They didn't get free food, but they did dance for quite some time.

And then after that shift was the cast party for Rent, which was so much fun! The people in that production are so easy to get along with and are hilarious!!!

Then we went out again after work yesterday and I really do hate going out in Orange, the people are rubbish.

But yes, it was quite a big weekend and I'm going to enjoy not drinking again for a bit. :D

I also found a butt-load of old photos from school and that. There are some crackers! Especially the ones from this night...