Friday, June 18, 2010


So my dreams have been few lately, but really vivid. And really hard to remember. But I do know I dreamt about Canada this morning and there was this look out where if you stood on the top, you would see something completely different each time. And no one knew about the look out. And then the people I was with (I can't remember who was there) decided to go home, so I went with them, and Orange itself was colder than Canada in Winter. So we went back to Canada. :D

And yeah there have been a few of those recurring dreams of being in attics which are like mazes and they keep going up and up and up. I have lots of those dreams.

I can remember a really small fraction of a dream I had a couple of nights ago, the only bit I remember is seeing my friends face kinda close up, but all distorted and warped, like he was behind broken glass or something. It's really odd that that's all I can remember from that dream.

How crazy are the recurring dreams though, right? I used to have one years ago about being at Pa's house, the house was different in the dream to how it was in real life, but it was always the same in the dream. And I had a couple of dreams where at night an Aboriginal tribe would come and tell us that our property was on their land and then they would haunt/curse us until we left. They were always in traditional war paint and everything too.

And for some obscure and bizarre reason, I seem to always have dreams about MASSIVE toilets, as in like the toilets a school or something, not one massive toilet, but the rooms are MASSIVE and they keep winding through corridors and each cubicle is unique. Love those dreams. :D

But yes, usually I tell people about my dreams, but no one is here, so I thought I'd blog about them.

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  1. PS this image was taken from a Deviant Art profile, I tried adding a link, but it doesnt look like it worked. here is the url

    its a fantastic drawing and kinda looks like what those attic dreams look like.