Friday, August 6, 2010

Better! - - ish...

Well, it seems I'll be able to sing without too much trouble tonight, this has probably been the quickest recovery of them all. Mind, I have been completely obsessive with herbal tea drinking and trying to keep warm - although my feet and fingers are still freezing, it's bizarre. And I still have a bit of a ruddy dose but apart from that, things are looking up. :)

I still need to make plans and start setting stuff in concrete for Canada - I think I just have enough money to sort out at least my visa and plane ticket. Then after that, I'll need to keep saving and maybe get a 2nd job again. A second job sans crazy chefs and no business. I have been putting off making plans for some time now, which is bad, it just means I have to stay in this fucking town longer.

And I also want to get some more writing done. I have been listening to a vast mix of bands and songs lately and I want to write stuff that I actually enjoy listening to as well as playing.

I guess spending 3 or more days in the same spot prompts you to be more creative and proactive with the things you want to do and the things you enjoy doing.

This is me today.

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