Monday, August 2, 2010

Eastern Glow - The Album Leaf

So this is a new band that Michael has introduced me to. They are growing on me rapidly. Very rapidly indeed.
I love the space they create and the simplicity of it all. It's great to sit down to. Very "I'm happy to be left alone to this" music.

On the music note (no pun intended), Greg and I are playing at 4loor this Saturday, which I'm rather excited about, however suddenly alot more nervous, because this sickness I spoke of in my last post had been hiding in the shadows and jumped out and annihilated me this morning. Which means for me, lots of tea, honey, rugs and positive thinking. Not so easy to keep that up when you are struggling to breathe out your nose. One nostril has even started toot-ing. God fucking dammit.

Hopefully it clears up rather quickly and I don't lose my voice.

Rent is also creeping up at an alarming rate and y'all better be there. Y'all of course being whoever reads this? I guess?

Hanli has also kindly given me some cool stencilling paper which I'm yet to put any designs on, I've been meaning to do some more, but it has been way way too cold to go galavanting into the night and leaving footprints everywhere. But hopefully it'll warm up soonish.

And I also can't wait for my next skating lesson. Hahaha thats right, readers... I now skate - - ish. It is awesome fun and I recommend giving it a go. :D

So yes, that is where I'm at, at this stage. :D

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