Monday, September 6, 2010

Gemima Mills and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

God, I am hating work at the moment. I am treated like shit because they think I treat them like shit, but the only reason I treat them like shit, is because they treat me like shit. You know? One of those vicious cycles. Find the beginning of the circle kind of thing. Now, my main motivation is getting stuff finalised for Canada, ie when I leave and how much money I have. Tickets. Visa. Place to stay. Place to work. It's hard to get motivated about something that feels like it's being dragged away from you. no matter how much I work, I still don't have enough to get me anywhere.

The joys of saving.

I can't believe this feeling though, how raw and harsh it is. The feeling of being stuck, doing what you hate, dealing with those you are growing to hate (the ones who control your living with useless yet seemingly necessary money) for such a long time. And you can't get anywhere because you need the useless and necessary money which slips through your hands like water. I have had enough of this. I am willing. And I will get out of here before it kills me.

I think I nee to add a little light to this, so I have some new glasses. I love them. I'll put up some actual photos later. Photos that aren't the usual dodgy photobooth ones.

Might get some writing done tonight. Seems the go.

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