Tuesday, July 20, 2010

A Failed Piece Of Christmas Spirit...

This week has been crazy!

We have builders in and around my house on a regular basis, our house is being ripped up and reformed to something that will hopefully be better. We have had to try and move as much stuff as possible out of our main living area, which means other parts of the house are posing as other other parts of the house. So, the laundry is now the kitchen, the spare bedroom is the living room, the smallest room in the house where we hang all the washing and do the ironing is now the dining room and the main living area is a vast echo-y empty space, not unlike the abyss.

The back and front yards now look like a massive shitty sand pit with Tonka trucks that have been forgotten by the little kidlettes that were playing with them at recess. And the only way i can get to my bedroom (which is now riddled with gravel and dirt) is through the laundry door on the other side of the house.

I can't wait until its all finished, it's going to take some time though...

Also, in my parents attempt to get rid of things we don't need in the most practical way possible, every night when we have dinner, we must have one Christmas Bon-Bon. It's both hilarious, and at the same time inevitably disappointing. Any normal family would only have to put up with the crappy "toy", the crappy "joke" and the paper hat which makes everyone look ridiculous only once every year. But we have to do this every night until they run out. A truly failed piece of Christmas Spirit. In July.

On the up-side, I have spent the last three nights at Michael's house. So much fun!!! This is where I am right now. Oh, the adventures. :) I have gone back to my normal self, and I am rather happy. :D :D :D

The parents return this afternoon, so I have to go back to the topsy turvy demolition site.

I'm also putting up some crappy Photo Booth photos which I took about 5 minutes ago.


  1. Stop torturing the cat

  2. Bahahahahaha a christmas bon bon everynight - beautiful.

    That TV in the background is crazy man

  3. aw man... its intense. i couldnt watch it because i didnt know how to work it.